SDFCU is proud of an experienced group of committee volunteers who bring value to the entire membership through their varied backgrounds, perspectives, and talents. As an SDFCU member, you too can serve on a committee and make an impact.  

Supervisory Committee

The supervisory committee's primary function is to ensure, through ongoing reviews and audits, that SDFCU’s records are properly, honestly, and accurately maintained; that policies established by law and the Board of Directors are carried out faithfully; and that members' assets are safeguarded and used according to the purposes of the credit union.

This committee consists of five voting members appointed by the Board, each serving a three-year term. Members meet in-person, on a bi-monthly basis at SDFCU headquarters, for around an hour. Ad hoc meetings of varying lengths might be required throughout the year. Supervisory committee members are appointed on a yearly basis.  

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Asset Liability Committee

The ALCO's mission is to ensure management’s compliance with key financial ratios and policies; recommend to the Board the approval of the annual budget; understand the various risks associated with positions in the balance sheet; review existing services; explore potential services and programs, and recommend their implementation.

Quarterly, in-person meetings take place at SDFCU headquarters. Meetings normally take about an hour. Occasional 'as-needed' meetings of varying lengths might be required throughout the year. ALCO members are normally appointed once a year.

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Membership Committee

The membership committee is responsible for reviewing applications from potential occupational, associational, or community groups, and searching out new employee groups which may have an interest in joining SDFCU’s field of membership.

Weekly ad-hoc meetings usually take place in the late afternoon, and last about an hour. Attendance can be in-person or via conference call. Committee members are selected at any time throughout the year. 

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Member Advisory Council 

This is an ad hoc committee comprised of small groups of members that meet at branch locations twice a year. Topics discussed may vary and are driven by the desire for direct feedback from members in order to help guide SDFCU decisions and priorities. Meetings normally last an hour and usually take place at noon or later in the afternoon. Contact your local branch manager for details and to sign up for that branch’s council. 

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