Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards help you manage your money or teach your kids about money, all with the convenience and security of a VISA card. Members can load funds and use the card to shop, pay bills, or withdraw cash from an ATM.


  • An easier way to better budget and track spending  
  • Convenient reloadable card option1 
  • Access to nearly 30,000 free ATMs
  • Set up cardholder direct deposit  
  • Set and change cardholder PIN online  
  • An online lock/unlock card control function
  • If stolen, report the missing card online  

 Log in to Online Banking and Select "Card Services" from the menu to get, fund and manage your SDFCU Prepaid Card. 

prepaid card


Reload up to $7,500 an unlimited number of times for the life of the card (maximum of four loads with a combined total of $7,500 per seven day period). Prepaid cards must initially be set up using an SDFCU debit or credit card. You can set up a direct deposit to the card after that, but an SDFCU debit or credit card must be used to re-load the card,