The Coindexter Club

coindexter cartoon

The Coindexter Club is an interactive youth savings program for our members ages 5-12.

Through videos, games, newsletters and more, club members can learn how to earn, save, and manage money in a fun way.

Benefits of the Coindexter Club:

  • Free, automatic enrollment for Minor and Custodian account holders*.

  • Club members receive a savings passbook, quarterly newsletter, and more by mail.

  • With parental permission, club members can access the club’s suite of digital games and videos.

  • Learn lessons on basic money concepts like the benefits of saving, budgeting, investing and more.

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*Minor and custodian account holders between the ages of 5 and 12 are automatically enrolled in this program as a member benefit. If you would like to opt out of this program call us at 703-706-5000 or email

Privacy and Safety: The Coindexter Club’s virtual world immerses your child in a safe and friendly environment that strictly conforms to the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act. Review The Coindexter Club’s privacy policy in its entirety.